This website was built to guide you through the registration and permit application process.To complete the Alarm Permit application online, you must register first to ensure we capture the necessary login information. Once registered, you can return to the site any time and access your information.

If you have a current permit with the Town, please do not register. See below.


If you already have a permit with the Town of Fairview, please do not register online. We have already done it for you. Simply contact the Alarm Coordinator by phone at (972) 886-4211 ext: 5022, or email at alarm@fairviewtexas.org, to receive your username and password. We’ll verify your information and help you log in.


Registration is necessary to properly secure your information and allow you to submit a new alarm permit, update your current permit, access account information, pay false alarm fines, and renew your permit annually via this website.
If you prefer to complete the permit process the old fashioned way, the form may be download PDF or picked up at the Town Hall. Once completed, submit the form to the Town of Fairview, Alarms Unit,372 Town Place, Fairview, TX 75069.


The safety of our residents and business owners is a top priority, so an Ordinance in effect since 1998 (Article 4.05), was passed to ensure that an Alarm Permit for every alarm system in Fairview is required. This provides our police and fire departments with the information they need to respond quickly and efficiently, in case of an emergency at your home or business.Additionally, requiring permits helps police officers track and manage false alarm calls. This will help the Town curtail the wasteful use of police resources on excessive false alarm calls.
Yes, a permit is required if your alarm system can be activated to trigger an audible response.
The cost of a new permit is $50.00 for Residential and $100.00 for Commercial. The cost of permit renewal is $50.00 for Residential and $100.00 for Commercial.
All Alarm Permits must be renewed annually during the month of January. Residential Alarm Permit renewal fees paid after January 31st will incur a $12.50 late fee. Commercial and other non-residential Alarm Permit renewal fees paid after January 31st will incur a $25.00 late fee. Multi-year renewals are not available.
The Town is only able to accept credit or debit card payments online (MasterCard, Visa).
Yes, download the Alarm Application PDF Form, fill it out and mail it with your check to the Town Hall.If you want to pay with cash, you must come in person to the Town Hall.


An alarm system's transmission of a signal to summon an emergency response to the alarm site, if found by the responding individual(s) or by a director to be false in accordance with section 4.05.007 of Town of Fairview Ordinance 2022-24.
False alarms are very costly, and take police officers away from responding to actual emergency situations.In 1998, the Town of Fairview enacted an Alarm Ordinance (Article 4.05).This law requires all Fairview property and business owners with alarm systems to obtain, and maintain, an annual permit. It also stipulates a penalty must be paid to the Town for excessive false alarms.
  • Alarms 1-3 during the preceding 12-month period, NO PENALTY ASSESSED.
  • False Alarms 4-5 during the preceding 12-month period, $50.00 per false alarm.
  • False Alarms 6-7 during the preceding 12-month period, $75.00 per false alarm.
  • False Alarms 8+ during the preceding 12-month period, $100.00 per false alarm.
The most frequent reason for false alarms is user error, including: incorrect use of keypad codes, failure to train other authorized users, failure to secure doors and windows before turning on alarm, failure to notify monitoring facility of unscheduled openings or closings, failure to update authorized personnel list with monitoring facility.


Information security is one of our top priorities, and the Town has taken strong measures to ensure your data is safe.The transmission of your information over the internet is encrypted using industry standard guidelines (the same encryption as banks use for online banking).We protect your information with a tiered security model and a “need to know” policy, which allows access only to approved personnel.We don’t store your credit card information and we use secure handling procedures for the payment process.