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Download Alarm Permit PDF Form

You may download the following PDF Alarm Permit Form and mail it in with your payment or you can stop by the Town Hall and drop it off.

Use the following steps

1. Click on the PDF Image to your right and save it to your computer.
2. If you do not have the Adobe PDF Reader, you must download it from the Adobe website to read the Alarm Permit Form Download PDF Reader.
3. Print the Form from your computer.
4. Complete all fields on the Form.
5. Write a check payable to the Town of Fairview (Do not send cash in the mail).
6. Mail the Form and the check to: Town of Fairview 500 S. State HWY 5 Fairview, TX 75069. You may also bring it in to the Town Hall for processing.

New Permit : $50
Renewal : $25


New Permit : $100
Renewal : $50